Thursday, June 12, 2014

Year-End To-Do List

School recently ended for our middle school - and another 10 months of blog post drafts piled up.  While I do believe in the benefits of pruning, there are a few posts of the posts that I will be working on over the next few weeks.  Here are some snapshots of the work in progress:
  • Impact of BPC in 3D: A 3D Printed Graduation Project (Tales of a 3D Printer, BPC STEAM)
  • BPC Visits 3D Robotics! (BPC STEAMspace)
  • More on Maker Faire (Tales of a 3D Printer)
  • 3D Printing Infiltrates the Science Fair (Tales of a 3D Printer)
  • Augmented Reality in the Classroom (Post-Its & Ponderings; BPC STEAM)
  • Ducks in the Science Room (BPC STEAM blog)
  • Tips on Hatching and Raising Ducks in the Middle School Classroom (Post-Its & Ponderings)
  • Ducks in my Makerspace (Post-Its & Ponderings)
  • Cardboard Arcade (Post-Its & Ponderings; BPC STEAM)
... plus whatever else I can publish in a timely manner.

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